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Franco De Marco

Based in Los Angeles, California

Born and raised in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Franco is a dreamer with an unrelenting spirit. A former aspiring actor, he followed the siren call of Hollywood, finding himself in the vibrant sprawl of Los Angeles. Though the twists and turns of life led him down unexpected paths, his zeal for film never waned.

Franco has worn many hats over the years. He has served up smiles in various restaurants across the city, and for seven enriching years, he dedicated himself to the healing art of massage therapy. Each role he undertook added another layer to his colorful tapestry of experiences, infusing him with empathy, patience, and a remarkable ability to connect with people.

But amid the chaos and charm of LA, his heart remained faithfully tethered to the world of cinema. Always fascinated by the allure of storytelling and the magic of movies, he yearned to etch his own narratives onto the silver screen. And so, he embarked on the journey to metamorphose from an avid movie enthusiast to an accomplished video editor.

Now, Franco finds himself embracing his lifelong dream, transforming scripts and shots into engaging visual experiences. His diverse background adds a unique depth to his work, while his unwavering dedication fuels his drive to create compelling and enchanting cinematic experiences.

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